Bamboo Skewer

Satay is a very popular dish in Indonesia; with various ethnicities and cooking art traditions have produced various types of satay. In Indonesia, satay can be obtained from street vendors roadside stalls, to high-end restaurants, and often served at parties and festivals. Recipe and how to make satay varies depending on the variation and recipes of each region. Almost all types of meat can be made satay. As the country of origin of satay, Indonesia has a rich variety of satay recipes.

To complete the satay menu in your restaurant, we are confident that Sedapoer will be your best choice. We produce chicken skewers and goat skewers, from the best bamboo trees and hygienic manufacturing and packaging processes.

Sedapoer chicken skewers have a diameter of + – 2.3 mm and a length of about 21-23 cm, because of their small diameter, very suitable for internal organ satay (skin, liver, gizzard, etc.). The internal organs are more suitable to use skewers with a small diameter so that they are not easily mashed. Whereas Sedapoer goat type skewer has a diameter of + -3 mm and a length of about 21-23 cm so it is very suitable for meat. The diameter of the skewer is thicker, stronger to hold the large size of the meat so that the skewer is not easily broken.

Our skewer pack is 500 grams which contains + – 720 sticks (chicken skewers) or + – 460 sticks (goat skewers). For 500 gram packaging.

Our company also serves wholesale purchases of 25 kg and for purchases of at least 1 sack (25 kg), we provide free shipping privileges for Jakarta area. We currently serve Jakarta and Surabaya demand.


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