Fine Art

Starting a fine art collection can be daunting; it’s important to invest time understanding what you like and which collection can go up in value within time and it is also important to learn together with the expert in fine art so that you can make the right choice for your future investment.
Our masterpieces have been invited year after year to join both local and international auctions for our expertise and rare collections in paintings and antiques. Our customers range from Indonesia and overseas.
Some paintings and sculptures collections are masterpieces of:
1. Arie Smith
2. Haji Widayat
3. Djoko Pekik
4. Drs. Soenaryo
5. Ivan Sagito
6. Achmad Sadali
7. Pupuk Daru Purnomo
8. Budi Ubruk
9. Pande Ketut Taman
10. and many others.

Serious collectors that I know are focused on the art. They are not looking for a decorative item, or a good investment. There is some aspect of the work itself that has hooked them.
(Eleanor Blair)

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