Our earth continues to struggle to manage our chemical and packaging waste every day. Lilspistacio takes part to easing our earth’s burden with our products which are biodegradable, vegan, packaged in environmentally friendly material, and only use natural dyes.

We keep our production in small quantities every day so we can maintain the quality of our natural products. Cleanses, moisturizes and soothes the skin with natural ingredients from oil, butter, wax, spices, and flowers, which will make our skin healthy and radiant.

Our best seller products that have helped so many people are natural toothpaste to remove tartar, soap bars for oily skin, natural detergent, natural cleanser for stubborn stains on ceramics and cooking utensils, and reusable tissue.

We also routinely hold classes every month related to soap making and other natural products. Our goal is that more and more people are increasingly aware of the importance of reducing exposure to non-biodegradable chemicals and packaging waste in our daily lives. Through our products and classes, we have helped so many people overcome their skin problems. We also have a community via telegram which is a place for learning and reminders to always be enthusiastic about living in minimal packaging and chemical waste.

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